ARCA is the acronym for Agriculture for the Controlled Regeneration of the Environment.


Agriculture: the good bio-preservative regenerative practices, which reduce the phenomenon of erosion, for the protection of the life of the soil.

Regeneration: excellence food as a crucial element in the regeneration of the soil, taking inspiration from the old model of the circular economy of the sharecropping farmhouse of the hilly areas.

Controlled: a river basin area approach, a well-defined and therefore measurable area. The new techniques and technologies, the research, monitoring, experimentation in the field. Nothing can be improved without the objectivity of measurement.

Environment: the safeguard of the area and its beauty, according to an olistic bio-ethical thought, generating a fair value for the proactive and communicating communities of farmers and food users.

ARCA is a business project and, by its nature, it produces income, without distorting the ‘benefit’ core and corporate form. A benefit company produces benefits which have ripercussions on different communities linked by a mutual interest.



The regeneration and the health of the soil as a foundation of agriculture and nourishment;

The food and everything else directly or indirectly connected to its construction, distribution and use, from agriculture to agricultural industry, from trade to services;

The hilly area meant as a set of river basins, enclosed as well as measurable entities, and its economic, social, tourist and cultural development;

The improvement of the environment as far as the activities connected to food can and must contribute;

The adoption of the model of circular economy as a guarantee for all the actors of the food and agricultural ARCA supply chain. For the farmers a fair income based more on production costs than on market prices, getting out of a distorting logic. For the regenerator co-producer of food a fair value and a high qualitative and nutritional content;

The coming back on the territory of culture, beauty and qualified employment. Therefore, a regeneration not only of the soil, but also demographic and of intelligence.

ARCA redesigns the concept of agriculture carrying out new practices regenerating the soil and contributing to the safeguard of the living underlayer, to preservation in relation to the erosion of hilly soils, to a new introduction of biodiversity and to the implementation of excellence food chains of production.

ARCA favours a direct contact without intermediaries between the farmer and the food user who, from a passive role, with his behaviour and choices, becomes an active regenerator of the environment with a remarkable impact on the salubrity and on the quality of food.

ARCA wants to revolutionize the present way of farming, in a way destructive, by introducing new techniques, awareness and scientific knowledge without forgetting the healthy part of old methods.

ARCA farming techniques develop and keep in good health the soils in terms of microflora, microfauna and humus available. Earthworms, bees and flowers, as biological indicators, are the other ARCA “poster elements”.

ARCA is agriculture as it was in the past. Farm agriculture, or better the man who has protected and modelled the soil and the landscape, has left us a great legacy: the organization of life and the productive capacity of mixed farming. A civilization to retrieve, to reinterpret and to modernize, a regenerating element in itself.

ARCA is the answer to transform an urgent state of universal necessity into a great business opportunity for our area.

ARCA is a set of processes, which transversally include the route of food changing the role of the actors of all food and agricultural supply chains.

ARCA focuses on the planet, the people, the performances of excellence and an ethically fair profit.


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