Good soil, healthy food.

Healthy soil, good food.

We grow a new future with our head, with our hands and keeping our feet on the ground. Agriculture has values useful to the present (committment, solidarity, respect for the eco- system and for the biodiversity); we grow them in the future, to improve the environment, nutrition, health and economy.


Everything starts from the Soil:

what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe.

Soil, water, sun, seeds, animal life and knowledge are the first matters of life

Our soils ask for help, the biological life which should animate them is prey of a progressive impoverishment. We want to improve the consequences of our acts towards a better world.

We love Seasons

The soil, the agricultural and the vegetable garden culture are time machines, they transfer old knowledge, they are nourished by living elements, they offer flavours and high-value experiences and a teaching: keeping ourselves in health means to eat well, in tune with the rhythm of nature. The vegetable world and the animal one are a partly unknown universe, although we have been living here for thousands of years.

We are good neighbours

A renewed solidarity among farmers has become essential in order to manage the soil and the land in common and through common biopreservative regenerative practices. The following step to carry out is the complete and total synergy between the community of farmers and the various communities of the final consumers of food, no longer passive consumers, but co-producers and conscious regenerators of the land, to be eventually able to achieve an olistic view, whose final objective is to restore an accomplished and permanent well-being for a better quality of life.

Agricultural goods and products have a ritual function

Drinking wine, eating local food has always been the language of social and community networks, a value which can be added to nutritional aspects. Basing agriculture on the regeneration of soils re-energises that fertile culture which overcomes the dependance on synthetic or pharmaceutical shortcuts, with a marked consequence on the quality of health, on the environment and on the well-being, even social, of people.

We like to know, to let people know, to eat consciousness

Meeting, exploring the origins and the stories of places and of food; we love tasting, chatting and telling things which have quality and, above all, which have true stories. Real tales convey the evocative and identity value of traditional farm products; we want to know the quality of things, the health of the soils, to have and convey the awareness of the land which houses us.

The Soil perpetuates itself

Do not exhaust nature, but regenerate it. The well-being of the people and of the planet depends on 30 centimetres soil which, if measured in their characteristics, if cared and respected, can preserve and improve our eco-system. The matters which nourish us are the main components of our life. ARCA draws inspiration from the biological processes and from the biodiversity of nature.


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