Vision & Mission


A planet where the land and man are in balance, where a farmer is the primary guardian of the life of the soil and where everyone, with their choices in buying food, from consumers become conscious regenerators of the environment.


To represent an experimental laboratory of a bioetic thought for a new humanism, where the different communities can share values and actions tending to increase the awareness on the role and on the responsibility we all have, as regenerators, in determining the salubrity of our food, connected to the preservation of the environmental resource.


To reinterpret the concept of waste focusing on the assumption that waste does not exist.


To think again of a bioconservative regenerative agriculture to offer people excellent quality food, food which gives joy, food which fosters human connections. Food with the highest possible quantity of incorporated services, from the protection of the soil to the local art of cooking, guaranteeing an improvement of life and health, ensuring a fair income and a new status to the farmer, seen as the primary guarantor of the environment and guardian of the area.


To retrieve the knowledge and the good practices which protect the soil, taking inspiration from the model of circular economy of the sharecropping and hilly farmhouse, improving its performances with the aid of new techniques and technologies.


To give back to the future generations, through a concrete and responsible committment, the knowledge and the continuity in the appreciation and safeguard of the cultural heritage and of the beauty, inherited from old farming.


Logo loccioni


Logo loccioni