ARCA talks as much with the rural community (producers and farmers) as with the different urban communities in order to create a network extended to the local social, environmental and cultural system.


ARCA aims at evolving the concept of consumer moving on to the one of regenerator co-producer in order to reach
the community of Rgeneration.

The key words of


Regeneration Renovation Restoration Recycling Re-Use Resilience Respect Rotation Relationships Rediscovery Renaissance Roots Responsibility

ARCA farmers are the first regenerators of the soil and are aware of the substantial healthy consequences of bioconservative farming practices: to regenerate the soil means to regenerate the environment as a whole.

Have you ever wondered who or what can be harmed by your food choice?
Are you ready to evolve from passive consumer to active co-producer and soil-aware regenerator?

People, consciously informed about the potentiality of their food choices, become active regenerators of the soil, thus creating a direct line between food and the environment and acquiring a well-defined fundamental role.

With ARCA a farmer is concerned with the nourishment of the soil, retrieving his history, his culture and the old knowledge, producing healthy food, traceable and without using Chemistry.

ARCA recognizes farmers a higher added value, which is based not only on market laws, but on real production costs.

Food is seen as the driving force of development of the area and of its values, so both the farmer and food users become guardians and regenerators of the land, of its beauty and health.


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