Esino Valley, Musone Valley, Misa-Nevola Valley

The reference territory is characterised by three geographical basins that correspond with the Esino Valley, the Musone Valley and the Misa-Nevola Valley that, thanks to their geomorphological configuration, represent measurable ecosystems easy to monitor. The matrix of this territory, with about 150,000 hectares of Useful Agricultural Area, has a bent mainly arable, where the organic farming nearly achieves the 12% of the total SAU.

The agricultural holdings, with a medium surface of 10-12 hectares and 2 employees perfectly follow the agricultural model of the inner areas, where the creation of a producers’ network becomes fundamental for the development of an agricultural economy based, first of all, on the guarantee of an agricultural income and the willing to regenerate the ground and the environment.

From these river basins, we want to spread the project to the entire region:

Region | The Marche Region
Provinces involved | Ancona + Macerata
Valleys | Esino Valley, Musone Valley, Misa-Nevola Valley