The research network

“Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet” – RODALE INSTITUTE IN PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

ARCA is inspired by the guide lines of bio conservative farming drafted by the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, one of the first test and research institute in the world to undertake the road of sustainability and regeneration since 1947.

Since 1981, the Rodale Institute has applied the techniques of the organic farming to its 333 acres in Pennsylvania and it studies the results of the transition from the conventional farming.

For 35 years, their Farm System Trial has continued to demonstrate through scientific data the superiority of the organic farming in terms of improvement of ground wealth and profitability which are the keys of the regenerative agriculture.

From this experience and these suppositions, it was born a partnership that involves the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ancona (Università Politecnica delle Marche) and of the University of Udine, as well as the RODALE Institute that actively collaborates to the project.

The ARCA proposal materializes in the ARCA Regenerative Soil System®, a system of technologies and agronomical practices accessible to farmers and certified by ARCA, specifically studied in order to cultivate and respect our delicate and difficult marchigiano hilly territory.

Within the ARCA research network, there are also the AASTER consortium and the University of Camerino.




LOV School Laboratory

Within the geographical basin, that develops along the Esinante river, tributary of the Esino, ARCA has its innovation and research laboratory mainly address to measure. LOV Land of Values, a farming holding own by Enrico Loccioni, is also an agri-technological park where innovation and tradition meet measure, for the wellness of the Planet and the man. In this laboratory, we plan and test ad hoc measuring instruments.


Aziende Agricole Fileni Laboratory

Within the Soc. Agr. Fileni owned by Giovanni Fileni, with a surface of about 350 hectares distributed on different plots falling mainly on the low and medium Vallesina, Arca develops its laboratory on biological-conservative agriculture, implementing experimental tests which plan corn-field bean associations useful to the regeneration of the grounds, the use of mycorrhiza to enhance the harmony between the actors of the food chain, the respect of the cultural rotations with the cultivation of protein plants respecting the agri-ecological principals, the monitoring of the nourishing loss, considering the different chemical-physical characteristics of the ground, the application of processing techniques and agronomic management typical of conservative agriculture.