ARCA joins energies and resources of the surrounding lands of the Vallesina Valley, a territory united by a deep, original Benedictine culture that according to its rules, defines behaviour based on use and access instead of propriety and exploitation. These characters are roots that pin on the future of the sharing economy, all companies that support the programmatic manifesto of ARCA: an innovative thought that starts from the ancient knowledge.


Birth of the Project

Regenerate farms and cultures

The ARCA project was born in Serra San Quirico, on 5th October 1988, during a lunch between friends at Raul Ballarini’s house, on the balcony. From the merging of their ideas, Bruno Garbini, Mino Damato (journalist, Italian presenter and politician), Carlo Cesarini from Senigallia (Italian set designer) and the mayor Claudio Maria Latini have created the Italian acronym ARCA: Agricoltura per la Rigenerazione Controllata dell’Ambiente (Agriculture for the Controlled Environmental Regeneration).

At that time Bruno, president and founder of Garbini Bruno & C. SAPA, laid the foundations of the ARCA project, promoting the constitution of the Poultry Producers Associations and, together, they created Avitalia, the sole union of agriculture inspiration producers, perfectly in line with UE principals.

In this context, ARCA should have played the catalyst role, but times weren’t right yet.

Today, the strong attention towards the environment (at a political, macroeconomic, social and cultural level) allows the rebirth of the project after thirty years from its conception.This time it is not the balcony of Raul Ballarini’s house, but the tagliatelle made by Garbini’s mum to approach Bruno to other two entrepreneurs and friends who share the same passion for the territory: Enrico Loccioni and Giovanni Fileni.

ARCA Srl was officially funded on 19th May 2016.

The legal form that has been chosen is the one of Benefit Company (Italian Law: Legge 28 dicembre 2015 n. 208, Legge di Stabilità 2016, commi 376 e seguenti, promossa sen. Mauro Del Barba), namely a Company that, within the economic activity, besides the objective of sharing profits, it pursues one or more purposes of common benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, community, territories and environment. Today, ARCA is the first company in the Marche Region that has chosen this kind of legal form.

The Founders

Giovanni Fileni, Bruno Garbini, Enrico Loccioni

Gruppo Fileni

The third national player in the poultry meat sector and the first Italian producer of white meat from organic farming. Competence: direct knowledge of the entire process of livestock and human nutrition chain.

Bruno Garbini SRL

Historical founder of GRUPPO GARBINI & C Sap.A operating in the production, butchering and sale sectors of poultry meat until 2000. Competence: detailed knowledge of poultry meat, with the passion for territorial development.


Leader of measuring and control systems for the development of quality and efficiency of products and processes. Competence: measuring, automation, energetic efficiency.


Saint Urbano Abbey

ARCA’s domicile is the stunning Romanic Saint Urbano all’Esinante Abbey in the Apiro municipality (MC), at the centre of the San Clemente Valley. The philosophy of ARCA has deeply rooted in the millennial history of this territory: the monastic and sharecropper cultures that have characterised the development of these lands.