The ARCA idea was born in 1988, in the Marches, thanks to a visionary food and agriculture entrepreneur, Bruno Garbini, the memorable founder of the rabbit and poultry Group with the same name.

ARCA lay on too feasible and revolutionary principles at that time, distant from the feelings of the communities and of local politics in a period when environmental sustainability was not a central theme yet and when the capacity of production and consumption appeared limitless. Nowadays, the economic, social, cultural and bioethical context has made the re-birth of the project possible.

In 2015, with his lifelong friend Enrico Loccioni and the memorable contestant Giovanni Fileni, respectively founders of the Loccioni Group, international excellence in measure, automation and energetic efficiency, and of the Fileni Group, forerunner as well as first national player of biological poultry farming and third national player of conventional poultry farming, an unimaginable spark fires and the three farm entrepreneurs, in love with their region, give again life to ARCA.

In 2016 ARCA Srl was born, one of the first Benefit Companies in Italy.

The cultural legacy the associate founders of ARCA take inspiration from is the one of the old endemic model of the multi-purpose farmhouse, archetype of the circular economy, when agriculture and environment were in perfect harmony. When the care for the land was guaranteed, as well as the absence of waste and the re-use of the resources in a fragile hilly context, respecting the time, the seasonability and the good regenerative practices.

An agricultural, biological, bioethical and biopreservative ante litteram (ahead of its time) act which has matured today becoming a possible and above all necessary market.

A shared dream:
to give back to our hills and to the countryside of our Marches the beauty and the healthy aspect of the past to obtain the acknowledgment of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.

“Thanks to the example of my parents’ work, share-croppers of the Esino Valley, I have learnt to know and respect the soil, its natural rhythms and its produces. Poultry farming in the Marches for almost 20 years as a pioneer in a biological way has been and is an agricultural act, a way to contribute to the development and to the respect of the area where I live. In ARCA we put our biological supply chain and our unique expertise to service our area”.

Giovanni Fileni

“Today we can demonstrate how a wide range of agricultural and industrial products, and not only, of a new generation can have an embedded service of environmental regeneration. Let’s imagine the supply chains or productive systems located in a constantly monitored river basin, mainly made of hilly areas, which adopt innovative production techniques, re-interpreting tradition. The products of these supply chains enable the Controlled Regeneration of the Environment and they can respond to the needs of a market of regenerators, people sensitive to environmental issues and aware to support in this way a new economy. Buying and consuming ARCA products not only means to create wealth in an area, but also to regenerate the natural environment of that area, to contribute to a new social service, to develop a future of preservation and promotion of the hilly ecosystem”.

Bruno Garbini

“I’ve been lucky I was born in this wonderful area, where I’ve picked the values of the monastic and share-cropping culture I’ve applied over these 50 years of business. Let’s give back these values to the area now, employing technologies, innovation, energetic efficiency and the intelligence of networks, giving ARCA the objectivity of measure”.

Enrico Loccioni


Logo loccioni


Logo loccioni